Private Pilot Certificate

The goal is the FAA Private Pilot Certificate. This is like an automobile license that allows you to carry passengers.

Your initial instructor is John Pyle. He has wide experience in military and commercial helicopter flying. But the bulk of his flying has been training people like you to fly.

John is also the FAA Pilot Examiner who can administer your final flight test and issue your Private Pilot Certificate. Your later training in preparation for that test will be with another flight instructor. You have your choice of several excellent contract flight instructors.

Advanced Pilot Certificates and Ratings

Our state-of-the-art “glass cockpit” instrument equipped Raven II helicopter is well suited for training for the Instrument Helicopter rating and the Commercial Pilot Certificate. We can even train you to the Airline Transport Pilot standard if you wish.


Our R44 helicopters were manufactured in 2013.

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