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John Pyle, Owner

John has 18,000 hours of pilot experience. Most of those hours were flying helicopters. His helicopter pilot experience includes:

  • Armed combat in Vietnam
  • Venison hunting and recovery in New Zealand’s Southern Alps
  • Commercial operations such as Agricultural application, external lifting, surveying, etc.
  • Private fun flying

But the bulk of his experience has been in training people like you to become helicopter pilots. John is also a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. This allows him to administer helicopter pilot flight tests and issue pilot certificates and ratings.

Allan Griffin, CFI

Allan has 4,000 hours of pilot experience flying helicopters. His Helicopter pilot experience includes:

  • Flying Cobras and Huey’s in the U.S. Army
  • Emergency Medical Service, Air Ambulance
  • Marijuana Eradication and Sheriff’s Patrol
  • Frost protection of crops
  • Photo Flights

The majority of his flight time was acquired instructing students in the fine art of controlling the helicopter in a safe and professional manner.

Dan Tzur, CFI

Dan has over 2,400 hours of flying. He has experience with a wide range of aircraft:

  • Helicopters.
  • Fixed wing aircraft including gliders, ultra-lights, taildraggers, and multi-engine airplanes.

Additionally, Dan has experience with a wide range of types of flight, including aerobatics, formation flying, off-airport operations, and ferry flights. Dan’s experience combined with his technical background allows him to contribute deep understanding of the flight environment as well as the theory of flight, on top of the cyclic and collective flying skills. Dan provides instrument training in both helicopters and airplanes, and specializes in technically advanced aircraft (“glass cockpit” aircraft – like our Raven II).

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