New Incredibly Stable Helicopter Flight

Our Genesys Stability Augmentation System gives you the pleasure of helicopter flight with significantly reduced work load.

You train faster, fly safer and enjoy more.

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Sirius Flying

Sirius Flying offers busy people the chance to ESCAPE. While you are flying a helicopter, you are totally involved in the most awesome and demanding experience you will ever have. You will not, cannot, think about your normal work while you are flying a helicopter.

You will fly a brand new helicopter, with state-of-the-art equipment. But, your initial instructor, John Pyle, is not brand new. His flight hour experience (in five figures) includes armed combat, mountain hunting and agricultural flying. Most importantly he has taught hundreds of people like you to fly helicopters.

In addition to being your first instructor, John is the local FAA helicopter pilot examiner. That means that he can administer the flight test for issue of your Pilot Certificate. You will be able to select from several excellent contract instructors to give your final training to prepare you for your flight test.

Explore The Bay Area By Air

We are located at Palo Alto Airport, in California's San Francisco Bay Area. The Bay Areas offers beautiful mountains, valleys, coast-line and multiple airports that facilitate comprehensive and exciting pilot training. It is amazing and fun to fly here.

Training and Rental Only

Sirius flying offers flight training and rental ONLY. We never cancel a training or rental flight to do commercial work.

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